Why swimming pool owners must have a pool pump

Why should you buy (at least) one pool pump? What is the function of this water pump? And why buy a special pump for a swimming pool? It’s good we discuss this issue before going any further. It is rare to think deeply about this pumping problem because we feel that that’s the main requirement for swimming pools. Anyway, the swimming pool should have a pump. What is the point? I do not know, my contractor who ordered to buy this Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools.

The main function of the pump is the circulation of water. Draw water from the pool to be cleaned in the filter then restored again. Dirty water is processed in such a way that it becomes clean. Large dirt like leaves in filtered in skimmer pool, smaller dirt like aquatic animals stop at pump skimmer. Dust and other small impurities filtered in the pool filter. Finally, water is sterilized from fungi and bacteria by adding chlorine.

If you do not have a pump, then your pool will be dirty, smelly, mossy and full of bacteria and fungi. The pump is the heart of the pool, your dead pool life is hanging from it.

Some of our pump products use NSK bearing which will improve the performance and save your electricity. In addition, the motor sounds much more smooth and calm.

A fatal mistake usually done by a swimming pool contractor is using a regular water pump that is not designed specifically for swimming pools. The difference is in basket strainer. The water pump for the pool must have a basket in its inlet. Its function is to refine the large dirt that passes from the skimmer.

If there is, let’s just assume a small leaf that goes into the pump motor, then the engine rotation will be disrupted. The pressure will increase while the water is not completely sucked. As a result, the pumps heat up quickly and if left will burn. Ideally, you install pressure instructions in the inlet and outlet of the pump to determine the health of your pump.

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