Two Facts About 4G What You Need To Know Right Now

Increasingly it makes internet connection better because more and more network invention is very helpful to make internet connection faster. If you need a faster internet, then visit wherever you are, they can provide a stable and uninterrupted connection.

Internet network that is currently widely known is 4G. this is a network that many people use because it is considered fast and does not take long while looking for something on the internet. Here are some facts about the 4G.

– South Korea has the fastest 4G connection
Currently, South Korea and Singapore are still dreaming of 4G internet network with an average speed of 45 Mbps. This makes South Korea crowned as the country with the fastest internet connection.

– Can only be used on smartphones
Perkembangaqn 4G tailored to the rise of a growing smartphone. At one signal, 4G can hold up to 200 users. This is different from 3G which can only accept 96 users.

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