These are the factors of drug addiction

This time we want to share about 3 important factors that most affect people to become addicted to drugs. Anything? Here’s the explanation that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at Iowaska treatment that can be effective for curing drug addiction.

Psychological Reasons

Most people who use drugs (drugs) initially to experiment or simply seek pleasure. Some people can control so not addicted. But for people who use it compulsively and have psychological vulnerabilities, it is very easy for them to become addicted.

People who are addicted to drugs often struggle with strong emotional experiences and are difficult to handle. The most common emotional experiences are anger, guilt, sadness, feeling empty and lonely.

Those who become addicts use drugs to kill emotions, escape from pain and ways to increase self-esteem.

Social Trauma

It is associated with social trauma and is an important cause of drug use or compulsive addiction. Social trauma may involve self, family or social culture.

But it is generally caused by deviant sexual behavior, emotional neglect, disturbed family environment, physical violence, terrorist violence, and alienation.

The Role of Genes and Mental Illness

Research has found a correlation between the biochemical genetics of the drug, and certain mental illnesses also trigger a person to more easily fall into drug addiction. For that psychotherapy and increased motivation can make changes to the addict itself.

Previously also mentioned, that people can recover from drug addiction with love (hormone oxytocin). But there is also a vaccine to prevent heroin addiction.

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