The Flight Safety and Security

When the plane will fly, flight attendants will usually demonstrate flight safety instructions to passengers. This includes how to use and release seat belts, emergency exit locations, locations and how to use the life vest, and various other instructions. In addition to the above, there is also something else you should know about flight safety instructions that are always practiced in any airline in the world. Not without reason, these things are very important to save the lives of passengers if something happens during the flight. What do you wonder to know about keselamatan keamanan penerbangan?

For those of you who frequent fly, must often hear instructions to enforce the seat rest when taking off and also landing, open the window coverings and lights in the cabin to be dimmed. If you still often do not care about the instructions. If this is your first flight experience, ensure you already gather information about the flight safety and why it’s important to know.

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