Useful packaging tips for umrah

Many tourists are happy with something simple and simple. No wonder, when traveling abroad the tourists just bring a few pieces of clothing for a vacation for 1 week. The trip is different with umroh. Bring some pairs of polite clothes during Umrah trip. The country of Saudi Arabia that can have temperatures reaches 51 degrees Celsius, will feel very hot and require someone to change frequently. While in winter too, Arabs will feel very cold and require to wear thick clothes in layers. Meanwhile, visit to know the recommended service for hajj and umrah.

Bring some scarves

Bring a few pieces of the scarf with the right material (quickly absorbs sweat) and tones of neutral colors are not conspicuous. Do not just bring 1 piece of the scarf because the scarf will be wet with sweat during umroh trip and it takes a little longer to wash and dry it.

Bringing a matching robe

Bring 3 to 4 loose gamis with non-hot material and neutral color tones to blend with local people in Arabia. Although Umroh’s journey is often spent by worshiping inside the mosque, you will also spend hours on the road to encircle the Grand Mosque, perform Tawaf, even perform Sa’i from Safa Hill to Marwa that will deplete sweat and energy.