Simple maintenance tips for the car battery

There may be some people who currently use the car and also have to take care of the battery. I believe you must be very concerned about the condition of the battery because otherwise the car can strike down the road or cannot be started due to the battery. Bothered. Must be jump-started or pushed, maybe even need to replace the battery. Everything takes time, effort, and money. So it never hurts to increase the knowledge of the battery from my experience for more durable and durable battery. In the meantime, if you’re planning to buy a car battery charger, you might want to visit beforehand.

Here are ways you may need to know:

If the battery is wet, check the battery water every 2 weeks (a month twice) or at least once a month. If the water is lacking, do the addition of battery water done in the morning before the car is turned on and heated. Battery price is relatively cheap and easy to get (there are five thousand). If you are not an expert pour the battery water use a small funnel. Can be bought in the market. On the upright side of the battery, there is an upper and lower level indicator, which limits battery water. After enough plus, the car is heated.

If you unplug the battery cover when it will add water, place the cover on concrete, soil, or on the road only, not on the engine parts or in other parts of the car. Battery water in the form of droplets can be damaging, can even make a hole in the affected car. If it had been so damaged car parts must be replaced. When finished, clean the water that may spill when pouring. If left, it could be a crust whose effect inhibits electricity.

If the battery cord is crusty, clean it with a brush or take it to the garage for cleaning and then usually will be given a layer of jelly.

Then, heat the car every day or every other day for about 5 to 10 minutes. This heating car routine will preserve the battery